The Technology eBook
This website started as a quick reference document for technical terms, definitions, acronyms about computer technology/science, engineering, information technology, business related acronyms in 1995. It was converted to a technology website (in 2004 as with content acquired from years of experience in various areas of computer, information technology and engineering. Over the years, key areas of concentration has been database technologies - Oracle (also exposure to Sybase, MS-SQL Server and DB2), data warehousing, ERP, OLTP systems, BI reporting, SOA architecture, java , web development, information security, and interfacing multi-technologies systems for business purposes have been included.

Most of the the Oracle database code shown, can be copy pasted on to Oracle SQLPlus or any Oracle sql editor to analyze the script. Using DUAL table based code, creation of table has been avoided (in form of query or runtime tables) for ease of analysis in many scripts.

In the recent years we use this site for quick reference in the areas of database and various other and related technologies during various consulting assignments. Other related areas such as networking, TCP/IP, ( TCP overview), telecommunication, wireless communication, Internet, related protocols and related engineering, AI and machine learning electronic hardware ( devices) areas are also briefly discussed.

Some informative facts - Math, Science , hobby (automotive information) and recreation related areas are also displayed in the form of web pages and photo slideshows and videos.

Great Words of Wisdom
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  - Sir Issac Newton

Last revised on: May 31st, 2023