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Application Development - Database Technologies
Database Technologies
Large Centralized Repository - Data Lake and Big Data
Non Relational Database - NoSQL
Oracle Database, Tools and Technology
Oracle 19c     Oracle 12c     Oracle 11g     Oracle Functions     v$ Views    
Systems Architect, DBA Tips
Database General Information
Create Database   Oracle DB Info.   DB Info - 2   DB Info - 3   DB Info - 4   Datafile
Oracle DBA - Tips   DBA Scripts  
Compile Objects   - Schema
SYS_CONTEXT   Describe Table   Object Dependencies
Database Login   Audit   Manage User   Privileges   Column, Role, Table
All_Tab_Columns   Insert Into   All_Objects
Oracle DB Memory/CPU    Two    Process    Session    AWR/IOPS
Buffer Cache   Hit Ratio
Library Cache   RowCache
Locked Objects   Longops Analysis
DBMS_SCHEDULER Jobs - One   Two  
Segments and Tablespace Queries
Database Size   Object Size - Table, MVW   Segments   Range Partition   TableSpace   Temp Space
Parallel Processing   PGA   SGA   UGA
DDL Reference   Scripts   Oracle AWS-RDS
Manage Index   Manage Sequence  
Oracle Errors and Resolution
00603   01555   06508
IOT   External Table   Temp Table   Nested Table   Object/Relational   Streams Table
Oracle Data Warehousing   Materialized Views
SQLLDR (csv)   - Fixed Width   - Skip/ContinueIF   - Streaming   - CLOB 1   - CLOB 2   XML Data
Developer Tips
Dual Table Queries   String Reverse   Virtual Data   SQL Reference
Hextoraw, Date   Count WeekDay   Data Load   Number Series
DateDiff   Calendar Creation   Quarters   Bi-Yearly   Range Query
Week Data Setup   Week Analysis   Week Day  
Year-Month Analysis   Year-Month Two   Month Range
WHERE Clause Switching by DECODE
Hierarchy Query -> One   Two   Three   Four   NoCycle   30004
Oracle Developer -> One    Two    Three    Four    ANSI Join    ANSI Outer Join
Input Parameter As A String To Oracle Stored Procedure
Grouping_ID, Grouping Sets    Group_ID/Rollup    CUBE    Bit Vector    3-Column    4-Column    Grouping_ID/Rollup
ERP PO Summary
Oracle Analytic Functions
First/Last    Row_Number, Rank,..    Rownum, Rank,..    TopN Query    FIRST_Value
LAG    LEAD    Non-Linear    Sequence Gap    Date Overlap
Calendar Summary    Year Based    GL Calendar
Business Day - Current Month    N-th Day
Dynamic Annual Calendar    Compute Holidays    Last Monday
Data grouping using Count(*) Over (PARTITION BY ...)
Oracle Analytical Functions    Dense_Rank
Cummulative Totals - Sequential    Null Value    All Data    Yearly
Count(*) Over()   Comma Separated String   Sum() Over()   Compute Percent
Annual Sales    YTD-1    YTD-2    Year Over Year Analysis    Year Over Year - DW    Duplicates    Delete Duplicates
Rolling Average - 3Month
Oracle SQL Model Clause
Iterations    Factorial    Cummulative Sum    Compute ROI
Hemachandra/Fibonacci Sequence
Sales Analysis    Pivot Query
Sum() Over()    Upsert Sequential..    Current Value (CV)
Oracle - Java Development
Oracle - Java    Data Management    Execute Host Command
Oracle - XML Features
XML Functions
XMLElement    XMLElement With Namespace    XMLElement User-Defined Data-Type
XMLConcat    XMLForest    SYS_XMLGen    DBMS_XMLGen 1    DBMS_XMLGen 2
XMLTable (Query XML)    XMLTransform    XMLAGG    XMLDOM
XMLType Table    XMLSerialize
extractValue    getClobVal    getStringVal    XMLSequence    Split String
XMLTable - Split String
Oracle - PL/SQL
Recursive Call    Autonomous Transactions    Bind Variable    Dynamic SQL    Execute Immediate    Pivot Query/Report
Reverse LOOP   VARRAY   ROWTYPE   Bubble Sort
Associative Array
Auto Numbering    Data Audit    Block Delete
Conditional Compilation    Exception Handling    Error Handling
Encryption, Decryption    Data Reseting
DBMS_RANDOM - Numeric Array    String Generation    Prime Numbers    Evaluate String
Random Seed
Oracle - PL/SQL Nested Table
Multiset - Union    Distinct    Except    Intersect
ANSI Set Operations    Iteration    Sorting    Trim    Delete
Oracle - PL/SQL Advance Features For ETL
Bulk Collect   EXISTS   Forall .. Indices Of   Bulk Collect - LIMIT
Data Output by REF CURSOR   Function With Sys_Refcursor Input
Table Function - Factorials    Prime Numbers    Pipelined and Parallel Table Function
Complex Datatypes
DBMS_LOB   Append   WriteAppend BLOB   Insert BLOB Data   BFILE
WriteAppend CLOB   BLOB To CLOB   CLOB To Varchar   Read-Write BLOB
LONG to Varchar2
PL/SQL Performance Analysis and Tuning
Oracle - PL/SQL Utility Features
DBMS_LOCK   UTL_FILE   UTL_MAIL   UTL_SMTP   Globalization   PL/SQL Wrap   Comma_To_Table   Error Logging
UTL_HTTP - Request   Request_Pieces
Security - SQL Injection Prevention  
Oracle - Data Validation
REGEXP   - LIKE   - REPLACE   - SUBSTR   - combinations   - strings, numbers
Oracle - Statistical Functions
Correlation   Covariance   Regression   Standard Deviation   Variance
Oracle - Miscellaneous Functions
BitAND   Bin_To_Num   CAST/MULTISET   Width_Bucket   CEIL, FLOOR, MOD   WM_Concat
Execute SQL Script
Oracle - Miscellaneous PL/SQL
Unused Variables    String Output    isNumeric    Print Refcursor OP

Web Technologies:
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3. Some Useful Linux/Unix - Commands

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2. Data (memory) - Designation
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