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Oracle 11g Release 2 XE Technologies
  Database Architecture and Management Details
   Install Steps    Size Analysis    DB Files    DB Schema    DB Info...    DB CPU Info...    User Table Read/Write
   Data Pump - Export    Data Pump - Import    Data Pump - Job Status
   Manage Session    Security
   Virtual Columns    Virtual Columns - Avoiding ORA-54013    Data Merge
   Simple_Float    Simple_Integer    Hemachandra/Fibonacci Sequence
  Oracle 11g Analytic Funcions
   ListAgg   ListAgg - Odd/Even   Nth_Value
  Data Manipulation/Reporting
   Pivot   Unpivot  
  PL/SQL Features
   PL/SQL New Features  
   Continue - One   - Two   - Three   Result_Cache
   Execute Immediate   Increment Sequence
  Data Validation
   Regexp_Count   Data formatting/splitting
   CLOB compare      CLOB Data Reference
  Miscellaneous Features
   Named Notation Syntax      TimeStamp/TimeZone - One      Two
  Oracle   Database Reference    SQL Functions
   Oracle Abbreviations

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