Some Oracle Technology Terms
 ADDM   Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
 ADF   Application Development Framework
 ADR   Automatic Diagnostic Repository  
 APEX    Application Express
 ASH   Automatic Storage Management
 ASM   Active Session History
 ASSM    Automatic Segment Space Management
 AWR    Automatic Workload Repository  
 BAW    Business Analytic Warehouse  
 Block    Block = Bytes/16384 = Bytes/214  
 btrfs    Better F S, b-tree-FS (data storage format in Linux)  
 CBO    Cost Base Optimizer (rule base - RBO)  
 CORE     Common Oracle Runtime Environment  
 DBWR    DataBase WRiter (background process - buffer cache management)
 EBS    Oracle E-Business Suite  
 GCS    Global Cache Service
 GES    Global Enqueue Service
 GV$    Global Dynamic Performance Views (v$ views)  
 IOT    Index-Organized Table (IOT script)
 IOUG    Independent Oracle Users Group
 iAS    Internet Application Server
 LGWR    Log WRiter (writes data from the log buffer to the online redo log files)
 OAS    Oracle Application Server (upgraded as iAS)  
 OAUG    Oracle Application Users Group
 OCI    Oracle Call Interface
 OCT    Ordered Collection in Tables
 ODP    Oracle Data Provider (ODP.NET)
 ODSI    Oracle Data Service Integrator
 OEM    Oracle Enterprise Manager
 OMDB    Oracle Migration Workbench - migrating non Oracle Database to Oracle
 OMF    Oracle Managed Files
 OO4O    Oracle Object for OLE
 OPI    Oracle Program Interface
 OTN    Oracle Technology Network
 OWS    Oracle Web Server (upgraded as OAS)
 OWSM    Oracle Web Services Manager
 PCM    Parallel Cache Management  
 PGA    Program Global Area (PGA queries)
 PMON    Process Monitor  
 PSP    PL/SQL Server Pages
 RAC    Real Application Clusters (DB queries)  
 RAT    Real Application Testing
 RBO    Rule Base Optimizer (cost base - CBO)  
 RMAN    Recovery Manager (a command-line backup, recovery/restore tool)
 RNDS    Reads No Database State (RESTRICT_REFERENCES)  
     RNDS - Asserts that subprogram does not read/query database state (does not query database tables)  
 RNPS    Reads No Package State (RESTRICT_REFERENCES)  
     RNPS - Asserts that subprogram query/read no package state (does not reference the values of packaged variables)  
 SCN    System Change Number (useful in flashback query)  
 SGA    System Global Area (SGA queries)  
 SID    Oracle System Identifier  
 SMON    System Monitor  
 SODA    Simple Oracle Document Access  
 TAF    Transparent Application Failover
 TKPROF    Transient Kernel PROFile (tuning utility)
 TNS    Transparent Network Substrate
 UGA    User Global Area (UGA queries)  
 VPD    Virtual Private Database  
 WNDS    Writes No Database State (RESTRICT_REFERENCES)  
     WNDS - Asserts that the subprogram writes no database state (does not modify database tables)  
 WNPS    Writes No Package State (RESTRICT_REFERENCES)  
     WNPS - Asserts that the subprogram writes no package state (does not change the values of packaged variables)  
 XSU   XML SQL Utility  
 PL/SQL    Procedural Language SQL

Some Oracle/SUN Technology Terms
 AWT    Abstract Window Toolkit (alternative SWT)  
 DOMF    Distributed Object Management Facility  
 EJB     Enterprise Java Beans  
 J2CA    J2EE Connector Architecture (same as JCA)  
 J2EE    Java 2 Enterprise Edition  
 JAI    Java Advanced Imaging
 JCA    Java Connector Architecture
 JCAPS    Java Composite Application Platform Suite  
 JCP    Java Community Process (Java Development Group)  
 JCR    Content Repository API for Java
 JDBC    Java Database Connectivity  
 JDK    Java Developer's Kit
 JLS     Java Language Specification
 JRE    Java Runtime Environment
 JSP    Java Server Pages  
 JVM    Java Virtual Machine  
 MSA    Mobile Service Architecture  
 NFS    Network File System  
 OC4J    Oracle Container For J2EE
 ONE    Open Net Environment  
 SDN    Sun Developer Network  
 XDR    eXternal Data Representation  
 ZFS    Zetta byte File System  
     ZFS - 128-bit file system in Solaris operating system with a storage capacity of 2128 bytes  

Some Oracle Technology Terms (previous version/retired)
  DOE    Distributed Objects Everywhere (updated as NEO)
  iFS    Internet File System
  OES    Oracle Email Services
  WABI    Windows Application Binary Interface (Sun)
  xVM    x86 based Virtual Machine

Other Company Specific Technologies
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