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Oracle Error 54013 (ORA-54013)
-- When data is inserted into Oracle tables with virtual columns, the 
-- virtual columns have to be skipped in the insert statement.  Using 
-- syntax as shown below will result in error (ORA-54013)

INSERT INTO edw_sales_detail
SELECT * FROM  edw_sales_detail
WHERE sales_tran_id = 4;

Oracle Error 54013 (ORA-54013)

-- The error can be avoided by just excluding the virtual columns in 
-- the insert statement.

INSERT INTO edw_sales_detail(
   --sales_tran_id,            -- before insert trigger
   loc_id, cust_id,
   invoice_num, invoice_date,
   sales_amt, tax_amt, freight_amt) 
    1, 10,
    '1003', TO_DATE(20141211,'yyyymmdd'),
    2000.00, 100.00, 25.00


Oracle Error 54013 (ORA-54013) Resolved

Table creation details => Multi Row Load

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