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SELECT name||' = '||value parameter_info
FROM  v$parameter
WHERE  isdefault = 'FALSE'

=> v$parameter Query Output

 sid,  seq#, event, wait_time, seconds_in_wait,
 DECODE(p1text, NULL, NULL, p1text||' = '|| p1)||
 DECODE(p2text, NULL, NULL, '; '||p2text||' = '|| p2)|| 
 DECODE(p3text, NULL, NULL, '; '||p3text||' = '|| p3) 
FROM  v$session_wait 
WHERE event NOT IN (
'pmon timer','smon timer','WMON goes to sleep',
'rdbms ipc message',
'SQL*Net message from client'

=> v$session_wait Query Output

SELECT  s.sid, s.last_call_et, t.sql_text
FROM  v$session s 
INNER JOIN v$sqltext t
ON s.sql_address = t.address
WHERE s.status = 'ACTIVE'
AND   s.username IS NOT NULL

=> v$session, v$sqltext Query Output

-- Diagnostic Alert Information

SELECT * FROM v$diag_alert_ext ORDER BY indx;

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